So Done with Capitalism

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#1: Capitalism.

Is this capitalism?  How would you know?  What makes capitalism “capitalism”?  What’s the use in talking about capitalism?

How do block quotes look?


Capitalism is a relic of the cold war.  For all intents and purposes, it probably ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It is an obsolete idea that, at this point, does more harm than good.

In some respects, capitalism was made necessary by socialism & communism.  The idea of capitalism was absolutely indispensable for anti-capitalism, especially so-called revolutionary anti-capitalism.  The issue is, in part, the question of the –ism.
An –ism, in this instance, doesn’t simply define an ideology.  It defines a system.   not only because they were ideologies but because they represented totalities, truly holistic systems.  They were game changers, through and through.  Anti-capitalists needed some kind of game board with clearly defined boundaries and its own easily identifiable pieces in order to substantiate the image of revolution: sweep the pieces aside, fold up the board and start over with an entirely new game.
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It should have ended If Capitalism ever meant something it was because of socialism.